Outcast is a open sea game, full of foe and friendly islands, fortified to face the pirate menace.

Recklessly take on the government navy, collect rogue pirates bounty or pillage unsuspected islands, unravel the treasure map and follow the trails to discover the mythical treasure. 

Climb up the pirate ranks and defeat the defending navy admirals to become the Pirate King, or acquire the loyalty of the Pirate Bay.


  • Balance between collecting and selling resources, upgrade for speed, fighting or invest in cargo size
  • Explore the sea in search of the right crew - a disguiser could save your day where a triple gunner can not.
  • Battle against simple forward looking navy to clusters of patrols to hit-and-run pirates to special battleship bosses
  • Test your navigation skills using just a compass pointing to rumors of the mythical treasure island
  • Avoid or go head on against fortified islands
  • Procedural generation of map, resource allocations

Since we are still in Alpha, we have lots of plans:

  • Story mode
    • "You were a navy Vice Admiral, aspiring for Admiral. While on a pirate hunting expedition, your fellow Vice Admiral betrays you and lets you stranded. In your quest for revenge, you have 3 choices: Take revenge, became governor or find the mythical treasure island"
    • Will slowly introduce you to the game mechanics (we prefer this rather than having a lengthy tutorial)
    • It will have progressive levels following a path 
    • Maps will be significantly smaller than in sandbox mode
  • Add all endings in sandbox
    • Revenge - take revenge on your betrayal by killing the Admiral
    • Governor of the pirate bay - invest into your island
    • After completing one of the goals, allow to continue playing to complete all endings, with the benefits of the already achieved goals
  • Additional crew members
    • Legendary crew - they provide significant benefits but to acquire them, you'll need to first beat them: Siren, Fire Golem
  • Environmental features
    • Whirlpools, Tornadoes, Whales, Volcanoes
    • Wind, Currents
    • Biomes

The team:

  • Sotirakis Lazarou
  • Kypros Chrysanthou
  • Paris Mesidis

Special Thanks:

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